We are committed to scientifically advanced Cannabinoid products to better serve the community.

Our goal is to continue to improve our formulations for increased absorption of cannabinoids and educate the community regarding the potential benefits of cannabinoids and other constituents of the hemp plant.

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BROAD SPECTRUM Distillate Tinctures (0% THC)

50 mg CBD per 1 serving 

1 serving = 1 mL

Total = 30 servings​​

75 mg CBD per 1 serving 

1 serving = 1 mL

Total = 30 servings​​

100 mg CBD per 1 serving 

1 serving = 1 mL

Total = 30 servings​​

Image by Matthew Brodeur
Pharmaceutical grade extra strength Cannabidiol (CBDiolEx™) and Cannabinol (CBNolEx™) oral drops ("tinctures") comprising a proprietary blend of terpenes shown to have anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects in addition to exhibiting an entourage effect.
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