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Learn about the best practices for recommending cannabinoid, including CBD, CBN, and CBG, products to your patients.

Flower Petals Botanicals' branded products have been consistently placed as the highest quality and cost effective cannabinoid, including CBD, CBN, and CBG, products in the market. All our products are tested by third party labs to ensure rigorous testing for purity, and consistency.

We’ve established ourselves as the trusted partner for many physicians and healthcare providers in providing the best and safe cannabinoid, including CBD and CBN, tinctures, topicals and soft gels. In addition, we continue to increase our consumer base with our Exclusive line of cannabinoid products, CBDiolEx, CBNolEx, and CBDermEx that are ONLY available upon recommendation from a Healthcare Practitioner.


Healthcare Practitioners from various disciplines, including practice management groups, are strongly encouraged to partner with us to provide one of the safest and most scientifically advanced cannabinoid products in the market.

Flower Petals Botanicals is dedicated to quality, education and transparency with a line of Exclusive organic cannabinoid products that are compliant in all aspects and highly cost effective. Consumers can contact us for help finding a healthcare provider that can recommend our products.

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